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Manawa Fish and Game Club

Our members who were at the “Grand” are back. They all had fun in spite of the heat and humidity.

Jared Jaeger won a beautiful trophy and some money. The rest reported minor rewards.

Jared Jaeger came out nice and shot a nice 50-straight. Ben Casey, who hasn’t been anywhere, shot a nice 48×50.

Tom Jensen sliced up some hot sticks and Dupont cheese. Jim Jaeger and Jake kept the popcorn dishes full.


25×25 – Jared Jaeger (2), Cas B, Jim Law, Carter Timm, Jerry Larsen.

24×25 – Bob Conroy, Tom Krueger, Brad Hedtke, Ben Casey, Matt Bennett, Bill Jaeger, Logan Erdman.

23×25 – Scott Stevens, Randy Marquardt, Bill Cartwright, Mike Goudreau, Blaine Erdman, Kent Larsen, Jim Jaeger, Dale Gough.

22×25 – Cody Hedtke.

21×25 – Butch Kreklow, Andy Suehs, Brian Suehs, Colton Gorges.

Others: Jeff Huebner 20, Mary Jensen 20, Molly Fee 19, Chuck Schoen 18, Dave Faucher 14.

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