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Men accused of brawling on the Wolf River

A father and son from Hartford have been charged after they were allegedly involved in several altercations on the Wolf River.

Dennis R. McCauley Sr., 48, was charged Aug. 30 with felony physical abuse of a child and disorderly conduct.

Dennis R. McCauley Jr., 24, was charged with misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct.

On the evening of Saturday, Aug. 28, Waupaca County Sheriff Deputies Clint Thobaben and Nick Traeger went to Flease’s Campground in Mukwa in response to a reported battery at the tavern.

Outside the bar, they met McCauley Jr., who had blood on his face. He was escorted to the squad car after the officers spoke with a number of witnesses.

One group of five people said they had been tubing on the Wolf River when an argument broke out between them and the McCauleys. One of the men in the party accused McCauley Sr. of hitting him in the head, while others said McCauley Jr. hit a 15-year-old boy in the chest.

Another group said the McCauleys had lost their tubes in the Wolf River and attempted to take their tubes.

McCauley Jr. allegedly threw a beer can at a woman in the bar and knocked her unconscious.

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