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New offerings for Manawa students

There are several new offerings for students at Little Wolf Junior and Senior High School.

A new program, Lunch2Learn, provides additional assistance to students who are struggling academically. Instructional time is set aside during the student’s study hall or lunch period. Participants must be referred by a staff member.

New classes include the following:

?Consumer Mathematics: Prepares students to be competent consumers in the marketplace. Topics such as checking and saving accounts, credit, housing and automobile purchases, budgeting, insurance and investments are covered.

?Trade Math: Focuses on the math skills needed for various trades and those planning to attend technical college. Topics include arithmetic fundamentals, percent and proportion applications, the metric system, conversions, practical geometry, measurement applications, signed numbers and formula evaluation.

?Home and Auto Maintenance: Covers basic electrical repair, construction, repairing leaky roofs, plumbing, painting, interior remodeling, safety, proper tool usage, basic operating principles and an in-depth study of all major automotive systems.

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