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The Daily Grind: New owners, same managers

Jump-start your morning at The Daily Grind.

That’s just one of the slogans customers can vote for at the newly named The Daily Grind cafe in Manawa.

Terry and Jennifer Borchert recently purchased and renamed the Sunrise Cafè, which they have managed for the past three years. Their management agreement included an option to purchase.

The cafe is open every day from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays and 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekends.

“It gives us a family business,” Jennifer explained. They have one full-time and six part-time employees.

Jennifer grew up in Manawa and graduated from Little Wolf High School. Her parents are David and Judy Krainik.

Jennifer is a 2007 graduate of Fox Valley Technical College’s culinary art program. She previously worked at Wilson’s Supper Club and as a graphic designer at Krause Publications in Iola and Norwood Tee Off in New London.

Married for seven years, the Borcherts found themselves unemployed at the same time. They decided to attend classes at Fox Valley Technical College and switch careers.

“We went back to school and chose something we could do together and work toward a common goal,” they said.

Jennifer always had an interest in taking culinary courses, while Terry pursued a degree in hotel and restaurant management. Their choices helped them achieve their goal of managing and eventually owning their own restaurant business.

“It all worked out,” Terry said. “We put our efforts together and here we are.”

“We already went through the worst of the poor economy and we learned from it,” Jennifer stated. “We learned how to buckle down and watch our pennies.”

The purchase of the cafè was made possible by a loan from the Waupaca County Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Program.

“On Tuesday, July 27, the Waupaca County RLF Committee approved a $33,750 loan for the Daily Grind Cafè in Manawa,” stated Dave Thiel, executive director of the Waupaca County Economic Development Committee. “When combined with private sector financing (in this case, with First National Bank in Waupaca), it is an effective way to help businesses expand or start up in Waupaca County. “

“RLF loans are gap financing tools that support job creation in Waupaca County, and provide opportunities for businesses that may not be able to secure all of their financing needs from the private sector,” Thiel explaned.


Over the past three years, the Borcherts began to remodel the cafè. They replaced the flooring, counters and cabinets, and took off half of the counter to make room for more seating.

The Borcherts hope to continue upgrading the interior of their building by working on the ceiling, walls and lighting. Their goal is to give their cafe a softer touch.

The menu will basically remain the same.

“Some sandwiches and lunches have changed,” Jennifer said. “For breakfast we have added some of the favorite specials, like omelets, because people asked for them all the time.”

“We try our best to make every customer happy,” she explained. “We’ll make a request if we have the ingredients for it.”

A new addition to the menu is the salad bar, featuring fresh ingredients.

Terry and Jennifer do business the same way they live their lives. Their motto is: Success is in the details, failure is in the shortcuts.

“I don’t take shortcuts,” Jennifer stated.

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