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Former clerk charged with stealing $136,000 from Northport BP

Stacy A. Yonker, 33, formerly of New London, was charged Sept. 23 with felony theft.

She is accused of stealing more than $136,000 over a five-year period from the Northport BP where she was employed until August 2009. She currently lives in Gladstone, Mich.

On Aug. 17, 2009, Detective Sgt. Rob Karski was assigned to investigate a theft complaint at the Northport BP in Mukwa. He met with the owner, who reported that Yonker had been taking money while working at the convenience store.

When Karski and the owner questioned Yonker about the missing money, Yonker initially denied taking the money, according to the criminal complaint. She then reportedly admitted that she had taken cash on Aug. 8 and Aug. 16 and then gave Karski $500 from her purse.

Later, Yonker allegedly told Karski that she had been taking $500 every other week for the past year by altering the shift reports to show cash income as credit card income.

The missing money was discovered after another employee made an error on her report, went back to correct it and found $2,000 missing.

The owner estimated that $9,400 was missing from 2005, $39,450 missing from 2006, $12,000 missing from 2007, $45,200 missing from 2008 and $30,700 missing from 2009.

Yonker faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of felony theft.

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