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School lighting upgrade approved

The Clintonville Public School District Board of Education voted 5-2 to upgrade lighting at several schools.

The board met Monday, Sept. 27, and discussed lighting upgrades for Dellwood Early Learning Center, Rexford-Longfellow Elementary, Clintonville Middle School and the District Office.

The total project will cost the district $244,817, but the district will receive a $59,114 incentive payment from Focus on Energy, bringing the district’s net investment after the incentive to $185,702, according to the proposal presented by US Lamp Inc., of Green Bay.

The proposal lists total annual energy savings at $30,805, with a payback time of 6.03 years for the complete project, with a 16.59 percent return on investment.

“As you can see, the combined projects have a very attractive payback of six years,” notes the proposal. “This also addresses the lighting in all three buildings and brings everything up to current technological standards.

“As of July 14, 2012, federal legislation mandates that the older T12 style fluorescent bulbs will no longer be available,” the proposal states. “At that point, you will be required to purchase these newer technologies since the current T12 versions will no longer be manufactured, and in all likelihood, there will be no incentives.”

“I feel that the payback period for the Dellwood project is too long,” stated Board Member Ben Huber. “A 10 year payback is too long for me, and I recommend against the Dellwood project. The (7.39) year payback for the middle school is awfully long as well. Rexford-Longfellow is more in need of this upgrade and has a quicker (4.42 year) payback.”

Board Member Clyde Tellock felt that the district should move forward with the project, with the exception of the Dellwood portion. “The rebates are available now,” Tellock said. “I think we should do it.”

Board Member Tom Neely made a motion to accept the complete proposal as written, with no changes. The proposed upgrades were approved by a 5-2 vote, with Huber and Board President Tim Schultz voting no.

Clintonville Mayor Judith I. Magee spoke to the board during the public comments/communications at the beginning of the meeting, discussing school band participation in parades, an action item appearing on the meeting agenda.

“When the middle school band didn’t go to Bear Creek this year, I had so many phone calls from area Veterans asking why the band wasn’t there,” Magee said. “In order to help kids learn responsible citizenship, I hope we will use the band in these communities for these holidays and events.

“Please, continue the band. If everyone can’t make it, it’s still ok-you don’t need the full band,” Magee concluded.

The board went on to approve an administrative recommendation outlining the parades at which the bands will perform, with the expectation that each band participate in the following parades:

? Middle School Band-Embarrass Fun Daze Parade, Clintonville Firemen’s Parade, Clintonville Chamber of Commerce Christmas/Holiday Parade, Clintonville Memorial Day Parade, Bear Creek Memorial Day Parade.

? High School Band-Embarrass Fun Daze Parade, Clintonville Firemen’s Parade, Clintonville High School Homecoming Parade, Clintonville Chamber of Commerce Christmas/Holiday Parade, Embarrass Memorial Day Parade, Clintonville Memorial Day Parade.

The board also discussed funding for the bands to travel to each of these parades, and Magee offered to donate her June check to cover the costs of running the buses to transport students to each parade.

Jerome Rohde, a Shawano County resident who pays Clintonville school taxes, spoke to the board at the end of the meeting regarding his frustration over increasing school taxes.

“I don’t know how I’m going to keep paying this,” Rohde said. “The school tax amount is more than half of my property tax. I’m sorry, but I don’t have the money. I’ve got to do something, but I’m 76 years old and retired. I’m not going to go out and get a part-time job just to pay these taxes. I imagine there are lots more retired people out there in the same situation as me.”

School Board President Tim Schultz responded by saying that the board does its best to run a tight ship, noting that state aid is down and the number of students is down as well, but that those factors are beyond the board’s control. The board also explained that a large chunk of the increase this year is due to the HVAC updates that will take place.

Board members stressed that this is a one-year occurrence, and they expect the tax rate to go back down next year. “I trust all of you that it will happen,” Rohde said.

A recommendation from administration to approve that senior students in good standing be released five days early with a last day of June 2, 2011 passed by a 5-2 vote, with Huber and Schultz voting no.

“I think going to school less days is probably not in our students’ best interest,” Huber commented.

The board approved the extra-curricular resignations of Randy Weddig from his position as musical director and Dan Lowney from his position as assistant wrestling coach. The board approved hiring Dennis Brei to the musical director position, effective immediately. It was reported that this year’s musical will be “Happy Days”.

A Youth Options request for two students desiring to take a medical terminology course at FVTC-Clintonville campus was approved. Out-of-state teacher training for Erika Sween in AP Psychology and Kevin Reese in an AP Statistic workshop was also approved. The board also approved an out-of-state student travel trip for members of the German class to be allowed to travel to Chicago to pick up the German exchange students on Oct. 3.

The next regularly scheduled school board meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the Middle School IMC, Monday, Oct. 11.

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