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Veterans visit students

Clintonville VFW Commander LeRoy Wilken, Past Commander LeRoy Jacoby and Quartermaster Jim Karlson visited the first grade classes of Kelly VanDaalwyk, Robyn Rindt, Tara Siverton, Nancy Brewer, Leigh Walske and Cindy Jaeger at the Rexford/Longfellow school in Clintonville. The members of the VFW talked to the first graders about their time in the military and answered questions that the children had about the military. For Veterans Day last year the first graders sent to the VFW Thank You Card that they made in class thanking the members for their service to our country.

On this visit the members thanked the children for the cards and presented the children with some gifts and also cookies and milk. Pictured is Robyn Rindt and Kelly VanDaalwyk’s first grade class with Clintonville VFW Past Commander LeRoy Jacoby, Commander LeRoy Wilken and Quartermaster Jim Karlson.

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