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Manawa joins Wisconsin DOT State-wide Campaign

MANAWA – Commencing May 23 through June 5 the City of Manawa is once again participating with other local law enforcement agencies within Waupaca County and throughout the state in this year’s DOT sponsored “Click It or Ticket” & “Drunk Driving Over the Limit, Under Arrest” campaign.

People living in Manawa enjoy a special quality of life because it is considered a safe place to live. To further enhance our community, last year we introduced our first electronic “Speed Board” radar system. The speed board has operated in different locations throughout the city to display your passing vehicle speeds. This data is also recorded on a computer to show peak times during any 24-hour period where speeds are exceeding the posted speed limits. This information is used to focus enforcement action. However, the primary purpose is designed to increase driver speed-zone awareness and encourages “voluntary” compliance with posted speed zones. Since its introduction, vehicle speeds have shown a decline in speeds over the posted speed limits.

During the up-coming state-wide campaign, the police department is not striving to write more tickets, but to save lives and prevent injuries through encouraging people to buckle up, and to NOT drive while intoxicated over the legal .08 limit. Additionally, we wish to encourage voluntarily compliance of the city’s posted speed limits. But if voluntarily compliance fails, we will diligently enforce the state’s mandatory safety belt and traffic laws. Our ultimate goal is to play our part in helping to reduce the number of preventable traffic deaths to zero in Wisconsin.

In closing, the citizens of Manawa deserve recognition for their safe driving habits, plus their continued support of “voluntary” compliance of the city posted speed limits and traffic laws. Through our combined effort of “voluntary compliance,” combined with necessary enforcement, we will continue our efforts to improve the quality of life we all enjoy here.

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