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Bay Lake Bank receives award

Bay Lake Bank of Manawa has received the Bronze for the Community Category in the community blood drive.

Manawa Community has sponsored six blood drives in 2010, with a total of 192 donors recruited and 167 units collected, in addition to six new donors. Renee Boelter and Yvonne Stultz helped to make this happen.

Stultz herself has donated ninety-four pints of blood over the years. “My mom and grandma always donated, so that is what got me started.” Stutz adds, “I never really thought about the importance until I met a recipient at a banquet last year. She was a young woman and had a life threatening illness. Her story made me realize how important that it really was.”

The Community Blood Center is a non-profit organization that provides 100% of the blood donated to eighteen hospitals in Wisconsin and Michigan.

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