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Jaycees install new playground at park

The Waupaca Jaycees were hard at work Sunday, June 5, constructing the new treehouse-themed playground at Brainard’s Bridge Park in Waupaca.

The new playground consists of four swings, two slides and a rock climbing wall. It is located on the west side of the park.

Safety was a main motivator during the planning process, which really took off this time last year.

“It’s further away from the road, and it’s a little bit further away from the river,” said Waupaca Jaycees member Adam Ross.

The old playground was out of view for parents who liked to sit in on meetings and gatherings in the pavilion at Brainard’s Bridge Park. The new location makes child supervision less of a hassle for parents.

The new playground has been a 10-year goal for the Waupaca Jaycees. Through community donations and fundraising, the project was able to be completed.

Twenty members of the Waupaca Jaycees and three Lee Recreation volunteers were involved in the one-day construction of the playground.

The Jaycees expect that the new location of the playground equipment will benefit the park and make it more useful for graduation parties and family reunions.

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