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Again-N-Again Consignment growing into niche in Clintonville

Those looking to buy or sell consignment goods in the Clintonville area have a new option in Again-N-Again Consignment.

“I’ve always wanted to open a consignment store, and when I reduced inventory at Jen’s Natural Remedies, I decided to go for it,” explains store owner Jen Peterson. “After reducing inventory, we had more space in our store so I got creative and added the consignment business. I’m an avid consignment shopper, but I thought I would never be able to operate my own store until I retired. Fortunately, we found a way to do it.”

Peterson opened the store near the end of July and said business is growing steadily.

“People are bringing lots of items in, which is good,” commented Peterson. “However, we are picky-which is also good. We want to offer quality items to customers.”

The store offers women’s clothes, as well as infant and kids clothes up to size 16. Women’s petite, maternity, and formal wear is available. The following guidelines apply:

• We accept the following items: infants, children’s (up to size 16), juniors, and women’s clothing; shoes and accessories. All clothing, shoes and accessories must be in like new condition and of current style (within last 2-3 years); small household items, home decor and small furniture. Please bring in a picture of any furniture you want to bring in before dropping it off. Children’s books are also accepted.

• We do not accept the following: undergarments of any kind unless they are still in the original packaging; appliances of any kind, children’s toys, belts, sporting goods, videos or CD’s, video games or knick knacks, sheets, stuffed animals, puzzles, bridal and bride’s maid dresses or jewelry.

• All clothing should be freshly laundered and free of stains, odors, holes, fading or obvious wear. All zippers must work, buttons present, snaps, buttons and zippers should all be fastened.

• We accept clothing based on seasonal demand as follows:

o January- April: Spring Clothes

o April – July: Summer Clothes

o July- September: Fall Clothes

o October- December: Winter Clothes

o Jan.- March: Prom Dresses

o August: Homecoming Dresses

• Please bring items to Again-n-Again in a laundry basket, on hangers, box or plastic bin, of which you will get back. No plastic or paper sacks and absolutely no Garbage bags!

• An appointment is required for opening an account as well as for future drop offs. There will be a $5 service fee for those that bring in items without an appointment. A minimum of 10 acceptable items is needed to open your new account. A maximum of 30 items per visit is allowed. The shop reserves the right to refuse any or all items because of style, condition, or supply & demand. We are unable to look at items that are not properly prepared.

• After initial account set up, you can bring 1 item or more up to the daily limit of 30 pieces.

• Pricing and markdowns are at the discretion of the store.

• All items except large furniture over $50 are sold on 40% consignment. You get 40% of what the item sells for. Furniture pieces over $50 will receive 60%.

• Money for items sold will be paid out in cash anytime during store hours. You must show photo ID to receive payment! Any monies not claimed within one year of the ending of the contract will become property of the store.

• Checks can be sent out to the consigner only 1 time per 90 days. There is a $1 fee and it will be taken off of the amount due to the consigner. Checks are not automatically sent out, you must call to request that you would like it sent to you.

• Consignment periods run for a total of 3 colored tag periods. This is 50-75 days beginning from the date the item/items are put on the floor. During this period is when the consigner will receive monies from the sales. After 3 colored tagged periods, the item becomes property of Again-N-Again Consignment.

Some furniture is also available, and Peterson hopes more will be brought in.

“The biggest thing we want to work on right now is getting more furniture,” she stated. “We want to be able to sell more dressers, chairs, and small furniture items. We have a list of wanted furniture items, but we need to see a picture of the furniture before deciding if we will accept it.”

Special Days of Savings at Again-N-Again Consignment have recently been introduced, effective Sept. 6. On the day you bring in your gently used goods, you get 20 percent off the entire store for an unlimited amount of items. To make an appointment prior to bringing in items, call 715-823-6080. Also, on Fridays only, customers can buy two items at regular price and get a third item 20 percent off. The lowest priced item gets the discount, and this cannot be combined with the 20 percent discount on the entire store when bringing in goods.

“You can find something here that is as good as new for a reduced price,” stated Peterson. “It gives local residents a chance to recycle their gently used items, and gives customers another chance to shop locally while saving money.”

The business is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To make an appointment to drop off goods, call 715-823-6080.

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