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The GOP is attacking our constitutional rights

State Rep. Kevin Petersen is a co-sponsor of LRB 2636, titled “Recalling the Recalls.”

This bill, introduced by Rep. Robin Vos, would prohibit recalls of state legislators for a “taken vote” and would require “malfeasance or misfeasance” in office. Further, this bill would require amending the Wisconsin state constitution.

The fact is, the recall was instituted in Wisconsin in order to address such abuses as Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican supporters perpetrated this year.

Thanks to the rhetorical war against labor unions in the last 50 years, Republicans have many people believing that unions are intrinsically abusive. Walker and his Senate supporters thought they could push through their radical agenda against public unions without much opposition; fortunately, they were wrong.

The recalls this summer were a result of thousands of people expressing anger that they were ignored by the very people elected to serve them.

It’s too bad that so many Republicans attempt the “divide and conquer” move on working people, and that so many non-union workers actually believe that Republicans have their best interests at heart.

Recalls are part of the proud progressive tradition in Wisconsin; remember that “Fighting Bob” LaFollette was a progressive Republican. He surely wouldn’t recognize the current Republican party.

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