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Surprising end to traffic accident

Marvin and Susan Brown of Shaky Lake Road got quite a surprise on Saturday night, Oct. 8, when they were returning home from an Old Glory Honor Flight reception at Outagamie County Airport. The couple was driving up Hwy. T, on the crest of the hill on the outskirts of Dale, when something darted out in front of them and they struck it with their car. They were traveling about 40 miles per hour.

The couple stopped, but couldn’t find an injured animal. They thought it might have been a dog, but it was moving much too fast, said Marvin.

The Brown’s drove to their home and called the Sheriff’s Department. An officer met them at the scene of the accident, and after much searching in the ditch and embankment, the officer walked down toward a stand of trees. It was then that he discovered a bobcat dead on the ground.

The police officer said this was the first time he had witnessed a bobcat being hit by a car.

The animal weighed around 25-30 pounds, and there was no physical damage done to the coat of the animal. Brown decided to keep the wild animal and have it mounted for his family and friends to see. In the future he may donate it to a local nature center.

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