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Moose Talks

Darcy Knaack, a student at Clintonville High, completed the local Moose Talks Session last Sunday.

She is now able to give three or more talks to children ages 5-9 on topics related to awareness of issues and events around them or helping them to make better decisions now for a successful future.

After successful completion of her three or more talks, Knaack will be eligible for Wisconsin Scholarships and five given by Moose International, ranging from $2,000-$12,000. She could be asked to attend the International Student Congress in White Plains, New York from April 26-30.

Several years ago former Clintonville student Stephanie Collier attended the Congress in Anaheim, California. Women of the Moose Member Becky Johnson (left), Darcy Knaack (center), and Youth Awareness Coordinator Gary Youtzy (right) are pictured recognizing the accomplishment.

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