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Don’t feed Waupaca wildlife

Feeding wild animals in city parks and recreational areas is now prohibited.

The Common Council adopted such an ordinance when it met in January.

This means people cannot place salt, minerals, grains, fruit, vegetable materials or food products in any city park or recreational area for the purpose of feeding wild animals.

Signs prohibiting feeding wild animals will be posted in city parks. Those who do so will face a fine of up to $200.

Parks Superintendent Russ Montgomery said the ordinance stemmed from discussion about ways to deter the goose population from growing at South Park.

Some people had been feeding the geese in the park.

“It’s just another tool,” he said.

The city’s geese population – and what to do about it – has been a topic in the city for several years.

Last year, the city received a permit to allow the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services to do a geese roundup on Mirror and Shadow lakes. More than 30 geese were rounded up in June.

The juvenile geese were euthanized and sent to captive animal facilities for food. The adult geese were taken to live meat processing facilities to be ground into burger.

The blood and tissue of a couple of the adult geese were tested.

The meat from geese roundups in the state is donated to food pantries and to Native American populations.

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