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Larger government, fewer rights

Once again George Lorenz is wrong.

His letter states, “Oerter has never negotiated. Oerter lacks any credibility in that I doubt he has ever participated in a collective bargaining situation.” This is sloppy reasoning and a flawed argument.

I have been part of a union team and also have represented management in negotiations. So George’s statements are in fact based on ignorance.

George says I have hatred for teachers. This is a tactic employed by those on the left. They accuse opponents of hatred (Islamaphobe, homophobe) in hopes we will shut up. I won’t.

I didn’t say much about teachers’ unions until Waupaca’s teachers’ union started calling Republicans names in letters to the editor.

When the unions tried to overturn the 2010 elections, I became more engaged. Evil prevails when good men remain silent.

This brings me to President Barack Obama’s attempt to take over local education by expanding his “Race to the Top” grant contest to the district level.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan says school districts can apply directly to the feds for these grants, bypassing state education officials.

This means the feds will now be in a position to influence policy at individual schools. What happened to the Tenth Amendment?

This comes on the heels of the feds (Health and Human Services) telling churches they can practice religion freely as long as the practice stops at the front door of the church.

If the church has any outreach programs, such as a school, they must violate any church teaching that doesn’t agree with Obamacare as revealed by Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan says he was shocked at this ruling that requires Catholic church hospitals and schools to provide the morning after pills to employees, because he had the president’s personal assurance this would not happen. Cardinal Dolan now knows what the president’s word is worth.

The Obama Administration launched a war on the freedom of religions conscience by telling the Catholics they must provide morning after pills and steriliziation, and when they get push-back, Obama tries to spin this into a “war on women.”

The larger the government becomes, the smaller the rights and liberty of citizens become.

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