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A truck named Charlie

For Evan and Marcia Wollschlager of Baraboo, their 1936 Dodge Brothers half-ton pickup is part of the family.

“In 1970, I bought this truck for $25. I had just sold my Scout and needed something to get me home. The truck came complete with a dog house in the back end to weigh it down on the slippery roads,” Evan recalled while at the Iola Old Car Show.

He said tpeople frequently ask if they can buy the truck.

“I was at work one day, and a guy came in asking whose truck that was outside. Naturally, I thought that he was going to ask to buy it. To my surprise, he said, ‘how much do you want for that dog house?’ I sold it to him for $20,” he said.

The Wollschlagers spent three years restoring the truck. for their 25th anniversay, Marcia gave her husband brand new tires so they could get the truck back on the road.

“After all this time, it’s no longer just the ’36, it’s Charlie,” Marcia said, adding that Charlie is “the one that didn’t get away.”

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