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Leave decisions to patients, not government

It is surely time to lay to rest the “myths” of Obamacare and to tell the entire truth about the Affordable Health Care Act.

For those who are actually interested in knowing the truth about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Law it is complex, but it is an eye opening read, depicting the power the federal government now has over each and every person in America.

HR 3590 the current health-care law is more than 2,400 pages long. The good news for those who want to be informed is that the Library of Congress has whittled the description of the final law to 904 pages.

However, they do not make it easy for anyone to understand the law in its entirety. (Google HR3590 U.S. Government Printing Office, Library of Congress or Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I whole heartedly believe every U.S. citizen should have access to health care.

And the recent letters to the editor point out some of the benefits that the law will provide.

The law was written so that many of the benefits begin before the 2012 election for obvious political reasons.

But the law, in my opinion, is corrupt to its core.

The many taxes, “mandates,” fees, restrictions on medical protocols and huge reduction in Medicare funding (recently reported as over $700 billion) will, of course, take place after the 2012 elections.

For every one positive, there are dozens of questionable counterparts – and that is a very sad situation.

For example, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that “about 4 million” (3.9 million or 1.2 percent of the population) will pay the penalty instead of purchasing insurance in 2016 because it will cost them less, and they will be without insurance anyway.

According to “Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,” the PPACA provisions are intended to be funded by a variety of taxes and offsets.

A ten-year projection of tax increases lists ten such taxes and fees that will result in increases to providers that will certainly be passed onto we the consumers.

The same source lists a summary of spending offsets by reducing Medicare payments over a ten-year projection:

• Reduce funding for Medicare Advantage policies: $132 billion.

• Reduce Medicare home health-care payments: $40 billion.

• Reduce certain Medicare hospital payments: $22 billion.

That is a total of $194 billion (not million but billion) dollars out of Medicare.

In addition, they plan to pay for new spending by slowing growth of Medicare provider payments (in part through the creation of a newly unelected independent Payment Advisory Board), reducing Medicare and Medicaid drug reimbursement rate and cutting other Medicare and Medicaid spending.

Medicare cuts could possibly jeopardize access to care for seniors. Many doctors already do not accept Medicare.

In other words, the newly covered will be brought in on the backs of seniors.

Recently, a related letter described the many advantages that women will/are receiving due to Obamacare.

Of course, these were started before the November elections.

The letter writer fails to mention sterilization, contraception and abortifacients that are provided by the Act.

Thus, I, as a taxpayer, am paying for what I consider morally objectionable and against my faith. This is a violation of my First Amendment rights.

Also, I would ask how this is good health care for the babies that are aborted, the majority of which are female.

What about their right to live?

There are many more “counterparts” that could be discussed.

But the last I will mention is the HHS mandate that Catholic institutions must provide services including the above mention of birth control and abortificents, even though it is against their religious teachings and considered a sin.

Of course, the administration has delayed this implementation until after the November elections.

The First Amendment to the Constitution gives us all a right to practice our religion without interference by the government.

For the Obama Administration to issue such a mandate to the Catholic Church is an attack on religious freedom for us all.

And this alone, Catholic or not, should scare us all to death.

We must repeal Obamacare and replace it with common sense improvements, including some things in the present law and leave health-care decisions to a patient and his/her doctor, not the government.a

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