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Time to make hard choices, dig out of debt

Big Bird was born in 1969, about the same time as my children.

My children now have families of their own, and they haven’t asked me for money in decades.

I wish I could say the same about Big Bird.

In 2011, the Sesame Workshop made $47 million just in licensing income from Sesame Street.

The show cost $17 million per year to produce. It’s a goldmine.

If I don’t fork over money to the IRS, armed men will escort me to a cell, so I contribute to Big Bird as part of big government, or I go to jail.

That’s the free country we live in.

I also contribute to Planned Parenthood or go to jail.

I also help pay for guns and rockets going to al-Qaeda in Syria (a U.S. program you may not be aware of), or I go to jail.

Mitt Romney said he would judge government programs by asking if they are needed, and are they worth borrowing money from China to pay for?

We should also ask, are they worth putting a gun to the head of taxpayers? Are they worth loading debot on the shoulders of our grandchildren?

It’s time we start making the hard choices, to give our kids and grandkids a chance to dig out from under the mountain of debt we are leaving them.

The truth is, Planned Parenthood and Big Bird will get along without tax dollars, and our grandchildren will do better without more debt.

The left screams we who would cut funds to Planned Parenthood will deprive women of breast cancer screenings, and they will die.

News flash: Planned Parenthood provides no mammograms.

An investigation of 30 P.P. clinics found zero mammogram machines.

A request to Health ahd Human Services showed no P.P clinics are certified to do mammograms.

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