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Vote for money marks end of the republic

Benjamin Franklin, after he helped write our Constitution, was asked, “What government have you given us?”

His answer was, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Franklin also said, “When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

That’s all I intended to say about the election of Nov. 6, until I read George Lorenz’s garbage-filled gloat of Nov. 29.

In George’s reality, “Obama is a centrist.”

Anyone who doesn’t laugh at that statement is beyond the reach of reason.

Of course, Obama is a socialist; he’s just not honest enough to say so.

George says Obama’s “policies are motivated by Christian theology.”

I just can’t imagine Christ voting for partial-birth abortion and refusing to support saving an infant born alive after a butched abortion as Obama has.

And, again, there’s that habitual lying and socialism.

George says Obama is “not going to interfere with your religious choices.”

Unless your choices include not paying for abortion, contraceptives or sterilization.

Obama is in favor of your freedom to worship behind closed doors, but don’t expect to live your faith out in public without interference.

George says, “Fertilized eggs are not people.”

Well, that’s his opinion, and if you don’t agree, then don’t expect to practice your religious choices without interference.

George says, “Obama is not going to take away your guns.”

George must not be familiar with Obama’s voting record or past statements.

In fact, in his last debate, he said he wants a return of the ban on self-loading or, as he called them, “assault rifles.”

George says of our health care system, “Among the advanced nations of the world, we are one of the worst.”

This would be true if he were speaking of our K-12 education system, as that is about 15th best in the world, but it is not true of our health care.

I’ve been to Canada many times.

When Canadians get seriously sick, they head for Minneapolis or Rochester, Minn., because this improves the chance they will survive, by a large margin.

George says, “Gays and lesbians are part of the human family.”

Who said they weren’t?

George says Obamacare will be “one of the best things that ever happened to the middle class.”

When we start paying 3.8 percent Obamacare tax on any capital gains, all the other taxes in Obamacare, and the Independent Payment Advisory Board says we are too old to qualify for a hip replacement, and the Obamacare layoffs come, George may be right.

We may become one of the world’s worst health care systems.

That’s reality.

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