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More nurses planned at WVH in King

Gov. Scott Walker announced Thursday, Dec. 6, that he will include 25 new full-time registered nurses and nearly 58 certified nurse assistants for the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King in his upcoming budget.

The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) asked for these positions in their budget request for the 2013-15 bienial budget to ensure proper staffing levels and increased capacity at King.

“As we remember Pearl Harbor tomorrow and all our veterans, who have fought bravely to protect our freedom, it is vitally important to make sure veterans are well cared for at King and all veterans’ facilities,” said Walker. “The Department of Veterans Affairs and the current staff at King work hard to provide great service to the veterans living there and we want them to be able to continue to provide the quality care to those who have served.”

The addition of these nursing positions will allow King to ensure there is a registered nurse per unit at all times, as well as to improve the ratio of patients to nursing staff.

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