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Allow gun purchases, but with better background checks

I would like to express my opinion on the topic of gun control and the possible banning of the sale of semi-automatic rifles.

I think that if we ban the sale of guns or make them harder to get, criminals will realize that it will be easier to commit crimes. If we allow the purchase of guns, we will be able to defend ourselves against crimes such as the Connecticut shooting. I think that we should allow the purchase of guns, but run better security and background checks.

We should also keep the concealed carry license because, for example, if a criminal comes into a store with a gun ready to commit a crime, some people could have their concealed weapons and they would be better able to defend themselves and others.

I know that the government is trying to ban semi-automatic assault weapons from being sold by gun dealers. Will banning certain weapons really solve the problems? The criminals can just find different weapons to use, such as bombs or chemical weapons, or buy the guns illegally. Also, before gun dealers have to stop selling these assault weapons, people will just start buying more of them, putting even more guns on the street.

In conclusion, I think we should keep the weapons available but be stricter with the security and background checks before the dealers give the weapons to the buyers. I also believe that people with guns should buy a gun safe to keep their guns in and keep it locked.

Jordan Fox is a New London High School student

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