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Do you know what’s in the water you drink?

What do you really know about the water you drink, cook with and use to wash with here in Waupaca?

Do you ever wonder what is added to your water just before use?

Did you realize that fluoride is one of the additives in our water?

Do you know that the type of fluoride added to our water is actually a toxic waste product?

The fluoride in the city of Waupaca’s water supply is an unclean chemical that is not even pharmaceutical grade.

It is not the same fluoride used by dentists and in toothpastes.

In fact, it is commonly used in rat poison.

The water that comes out of your kitchen tap may even contain traces of lead and arsenic.

If you need more proof, I urge you to ask the city for a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet on the fluoride added to the city’s water.

In the 1940s, when adding fluoride to water (also known as “fluoridation”) was introduced, it was assumed that adults would drink four glasses of water per day.

That would mean that your fluoride intake would be 1 mg per day.

In the 1940s, 1 mg per day was considered optimal.

Today, in 2013, we are getting much more than 1 mg per day.

In fact, some estimate that we may be getting as much as 8 mgs per day.

Many juices and sodas contain fluoride because they are made with fluoridated water.

Many fruits and vegetables contain fluoride because they are irrigated with fluoridated water and/or sprayed with fluoridated pesticides. And if you heat or pasteurize fluoridated water, the fluoride becomes even more concentrated.

If you are concerned about fluoridation vs. non-fluoridation, I urge you all to study the issue.

It is possible to remove the toxic fluoride from our water supply and to have a cleaner and purer source of water for yourselves and your families.

Please visit www.fluoridealert.org for further information.

Lead was once allowed in our gas and paint – but removed because it is a poison.

Why is toxic fluoride still allowed in our water?

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