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Funk withdraws from council race

Lisa Funk is no longer running for Waupaca’s Aldermanic District 1 seat this April.

She withdrew her name last week.

“It requires a lot of attention to be on the council,” she said. “I would want to give it as much time as it requires.”

Funk works full time as a massage therapist and is also a full-time student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Last semester, she took nine credits; this semester she is taking 12 credits.

The mother of three children is balancing work, school and family.

Shortly into the second semester of this academic year, she came to see how much more work the additional three credits was adding to her schedule, Funk said.

She said she contacted City Hall last Tuesday, Feb. 12 to say she had decided to withdraw from the council race.

Funk’s name will be on the ballot, but she is encouraging residents in Aldermanic District 1 to vote for Jillian Petersen, who is running for the seat.

“I think Jillian will do a great job,” Funk said.

Deputy City Clerk Sandy Stiebs said if Funk was voted in for the position, she could decline to take the oath of office.

However, in that scenario, the position would not automatically then go to Petersen.

It would be a vacancy on the council, and the city would have to advertise for the postion.

Those interested in the council seat would have to apply for it and go before the council.

The council would then vote on it.

Funk, who hopes to graduate from UW-Stevens Point in either December of 2014 of the spring of 2015, said she is interested in running for the council in the future – but after she is done with school.

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