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Passing more laws will not fix problem

In his April 26 letter, Erling Landsverk thinks that if Washington is passing laws they are working.

I feel the less time they spend in Washington the less they will screw up.

He wants more laws on guns, but the last count I heard was over 900 laws and he wants more.

If he really wants to save a life, he should start by getting cellphones out of the hands of drivers, or better yet stop people from texting while driving.

Funny those laws aren’t working . People are still driving while on the phones, maybe they should make some more laws.

For example, a mother needs to run to the store to pick up meds for her child.

She gets out to the car only to find her husband took the carseat to work with him.

She could leave the kid home and run to the store, but that’s against the law.

So, she puts the child in the front seat, which is also against the law.

On her way, she buys a cup of coffee. Now she’s driving and drinking, another law broken.

Then, the cellphone rings and she answers it, another law broken.

That’s three laws she broke.

She should have left the kid home and only break one law and that’s not counting the possibility of having an accident and killing somebody.

I suppose they should make more laws because the laws we have aren’t working.

Better yet, get the cars off the road and you won’t save just one life, but about 34,000 lives nationwide every year.

Do you really think felons will apply for the purchase of a gun or permit?

I knew a police detective who was supposed to protect people

He was going to a therapist for a mental illness.

Did the therapist report it to the police. No, we have a privacy law for that too.

So did that doctor stop him from shooting his wife then himself just two days after visiting his doctor.

If a doctor does not tell somebody about a mental problem, then what good is a background check going to do? That’s the privacy law at work.

If people don’t want to register their guns because they don’t trust the government, that’s their choice.

If sports people want large magazines and automatic weapons for target practice, that should be their freedom of choice.

More laws don’t do a thing. Just check out Chicago and all their guns laws and they have one of the highest crime rates next to Washington, D.C.

The only thing that’s proven to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Criminals will get guns, knives, hammers, screwdrivers.

Will more laws stop them? Enforce the laws we have now, which may be too many .

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