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Social Security Disability recipients on the rise

ABC News found a 33-year-old “disabled firefighter” in Milwaukee who ran seven marathons and an Iron Man Triathlon while collecting $50,000 a year in Social Security Disability payments.

In Hale County, Alab., one in four adults of working age is on Disability.

When President Obama took office, we had 7,442,377 on Social Security Disability.

He has presided over about a 20 percent increase in that number, now approaching 9 million recipients.

Nearly half of those on Disability claim “mood disorders” or problems with “musculoskeletal or connective tissue disorders.”

One out of five Social Security dollars is now spent on Disability payments.

That’s why Social Security is going broke faster than expected.

Why has Social Security Disability been allowed to grow into such a scam under the Obama Administration?

Because most people getting these checks will vote for more of the same.

The Democrats are expanding their loyal voter base. It’s about gaining political power.

It’s the same reason the IRS has become a tool for Democrats to punish and intimidate political enemies.

Chicago-style politics demand you use any and all means to consolidate power.

When the truth comes out, deny any knowledge of the misdeeds.

Honesty and fair-dealing are not in the Chicago playbook.

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