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Clintonville city administrator still suspended

City Administrator Lisa Kotter’s suspension for alleged misconduct was again extended at a special council meeting Tuesday, May 27.

After two hours of closed session discussion, the council voted 6-4 to turn the personnel matter over to the city’s labor attorney for further action. The suspension will continue with pay until the labor attorney comes back with a recommended action.

The motion was made by Alderman Greg Rose and seconded by Alderwoman Jeannie Schley.  

When asked after the meeting for her reaction, Kotter referred to the statement she read to the council during the Public Comments portion of the meeting:

“It has now been two weeks since I have been at work here at city hall. In 1997 I came here to take a position as the city administrator in a city I had never heard of prior to applying for this position. Now, almost 17 years later, my sons Evan and Alex and I consider Clintonville our home.
My position as City Administrator is a huge part of my life. Being in a position like this is incredibly rewarding, and can equally be unpopular and challenging. I have a passion for city government and love to be a part of and see the great things that have happened in this community.
These things came to fruition because of the hard work of many mayors, council members, employees, business leaders and citizens. The positive changes take hard work, long hours, trained staff, patience and commitment to our community.

I am and will continue to be committed to working with the eleven of you elected officials, the staff and community. We are in the midst of a number of large projects such as the two Main Street projects, an industrial park street and utility expansion, an airport runway expansion, business expansion and many other projects.

We are also lucky to have a number of fairly new and upcoming staff members that are also committed to the city. They will need assistance in learning their new roles along with our great veteran staff members we are lucky to have here.

With all the positive things on the horizon I am respectfully asking each of you … Bill, Jim, Gloria, Phil, Jerry, John, Greg, Mary Beth, Jeannie and Mark, to please reinstate me to my position as city administrator after tonight’s closed session and allow me to get back to work tomorrow and do the work I love and was hired to do.”

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