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Parents need to be parents

Reader says parents, not police, responsible for wayward children

My Webster’s defines “civilize” as to bring out of a condition of savagery or barbarism; to instruct in the ways of an advanced society; to better the habits and manners of; refine.

For generations, Democrats have advanced policy, programs and attitudes that have now undermined and broken the family.

Premarital sex is now normal.

Fathers leave children to be raised by welfare and public schools.

Now schools are expected to teach and feed children.

Out-of-wedlock births are approaching 50 percent.

When our young people are not civilized, it’s not the fault of police.

When two Valley boys beat Grandmother to death with a hammer to get money for pizza and drugs, law enforcement is not the problem.

When two 12-year-old girls try to stab another to death for a character on a computer, it’s not a failure of our legal system.

When a young man breaks the laws by strong-arm robbery and resists arrest and attacks the officer, it’s not the fault of police if he gets hurt.

Parents need to civilize their children.

That includes seeing they do homework and obey the law.

School grades and behavior rest with parents.

Don’t blame the police.

Greg Oerter

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