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No sign at Triangle Park

Lindsay family protests chamber’s plans

By Jane Myhra

A new sign will not be placed in Triangle Park.

The bandstand is the only structure that can be in the downtown park, according to Manawa Mayor John Smith.

He said all other structures – including the Remington horse statue and the old sign – must be removed within 30 days.

During the Sept. 3 meeting of the Manawa Area Chamber of Commerce, Smith reported that the city and the chamber had received a letter from the Lindsay family.

The grandchildren of Art Lindsay expressed concern over a digital sign being placed in Triangle Park. They asked that the city and the chamber reconsider their decision to place a new sign on the parkland donated by Art Lindsay in 1947.

Smith said the letter writers asked that their grandfather’s wishes “be granted and followed.”

“So whatever is there has to go,” Smith said.

The city of Manawa’s original 1947 contract with Art Lindsay states there can be no buildings in the park except for a bandstand.

The contract also states that the park can only be used for musical entertainment, with no parking and no public gatherings.

According to Smith, the contract only allows trees, flowers and plants on the site. If the city fails to properly maintain the park, the land reverts back to the Lindsay family.

“Some special interests have gotten in the way of progress, so now we have to abide by the contract,” Smith said.

Former mayor Ken Groholski said the Lindsay family gave written permission to allow the “bronco” statue to be placed at Triangle Park. He was asked to prove the existence of that document.

Smith said the saddest part was the Manawa Homecoming Celebration can no longer be held at Triangle Park.

“The Homecoming festivities have been going on for 40 years,” he said. “It’s a time of excitement and celebration, and we’re going to lose that.”

“As a school district, we want to support the city,” said Manawa District Administrator Melanie Oppor. “We will change the parade route and congregate back at the high school.”

Oppor said the revised parade route will still include downtown.

The chamber will continue its plans to purchase signage for the city. It is currently considering other locations for the downtown sign.

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