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Manawa mayor finds quit claim deed

Homecoming to continue at Triangle Park

By Jane Myhra

Manawa will continue to hold its Homecoming at Triangle Park.

“We have received permission from the Lindsay heirs to continue to hold the homecoming celebration at the Triangle Park,” said Mayor John Smith. “The actual quote was ‘by all means the homecoming celebrations must continue at the Triangle Park.’”

The land for Triangle Park was donated by Art Lindsay in 1947 and included a contract as to how the area could be used.
Smith said he has received a copy of a 1980 quit claim deed that was signed by the heirs of Arthur Lindsay releasing the city from all conditions to the previous agreement.

The document, prepared by J.L. Rath, was signed by nine of the Lindsay family heirs and registered on April 28, 1980.

“By signing this quit claim and turning the Triangle Park solely over to the city, I believe the Lindsay family felt that the city had done a favorable job of managing and following the wishes of Arthur Lindsay to the point of being able to take full responsibility for the property,” Smith said. “I would like to continue to honor many of Arthur Lindsay’s wishes.”

He plans to ask the Manawa Common Council to pass an ordinance that nothing other than trees, plants and flowers be allowed to be placed in the park as memorials.

“However, I do believe that the types of public gatherings that have been held in the park such as church groups, homecoming, the Tuesday Market, etc., be allowed to continue,” Smith said. “Our city parks are a source of pride for our community and we want them to be utilized and enjoyed by all people wishing to visit them.”

The Lindsay family has agreed to meet with Smith to further discuss Triangle Park.

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