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New police officer in Manawa

Council will not reimburse sewer costs

By Jane Myhra

A new part-time police officer was welcomed by the Manawa Common Council at its Oct. 19 meeting.

Police Officer Thomas Grant was sworn in by Mayor John Smith.

In other business, the council took no action on a request from Murphy Apartments to reimburse sewer costs associated with lawn watering.

Smith said it is the city’s policy not to reimburse the sewer costs.

“A few years ago (the city) allowed a break for watering lawns, but then we needed to increase water rates,” he said. “If a break were allowed, the other 1,300 residents would have increased water rates.”

“They don’t have to water the lawn – it’s their choice,” Smith said.

The council approved a five-year extension on private well permits in the 800 block of South Bridge Street and in the 100 block of Euclid Avenue.

Weed spraying will be discussed during the employee wage and benefit meeting, as recommended by the Improvements and Service Committee.

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