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New London tax bills arrive in mail

City residents in Waupaca County see lower tax hike

By John Faucher

New London residents should have already received their bills in the mail, or will receive them in the next few days.

City of New London Finance Director Judy Radke said that all tax bills have been mailed.

The tax bills will look differently for some residents depending on which county their property is located.

New London’s municipal boundary splits between Outagamie County and Waupaca County.

Waupaca County
The total percent tax change for properties in Waupaca County is up 1.8 percent, and the net tax change is 2.1 percent.

Outagamie County
The total percent tax change for Outagamie County properties is up 3.6 percent and the net tax change is 3.9 percent.
Difference in valuation

Property valuation in each county differs and has an effect on the net total percent change reflected on tax bills for the respective counties.

Property owners must pay the full amount or first installment on or before January 31, 2016. The city is accepting payment through several methods. Payments can be made in person at city hall, First State Bank, or First Merit Bank, or online at www.newlondonwi.org. Click on “Tax Payments.”

“Credit cards are not allowed for tax payments. The online payment option is for checking and savings account transfers only and there is a fee,” said Radke.

The second installment must be paid by July 31, 2016, at the respective county treasurer’s office.

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