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Elsholtz slams 3 consecutive homers

Coach Porath says it’s a New London first

By Scott Bellile

NEW LONDON – Thursday was a good evening for Abby Elsholtz.

In a home game against Seymour Thursday, April 21, the New London senior hit what one could informally call a hat trick in softball—three consecutive out-of-the-park home runs.

“I have coached 22 years and have never seen anything like that,” Head Coach Tony Porath said. “Maybe two in a game, but never three consecutively. I would bet that has never happened like that.”

Her hits counted for two RBIs in the first inning, three in the third and one in the fifth for six total RBIs. She went three for three, scoring the Bulldogs’ first home runs of 2016.

“I announce all the games for the team, so I was pretty excited on the microphone,” Abby’s father Brian Elsholtz said, adding the umpire looked up to him and asked, “Let me guess, that’s your daughter?”

Elsholtz credited her teammates for piling onto the bases and allowing the scoring to happen.

“It’s really cool,” Elsholtz said. “I guess I’m just glad we won the game, but it’s cool to have that three-in-one game.”

The team defeated Seymour 9-2, with her teammates Leah Porath and Molly O’Connell each producing an RBI.

“Leah told me I should just quit now while I’m ahead,” Elsholtz said with a laugh.

Elsholtz said with another laugh she was disappointed Seymour pitcher Paige Weyer appeared to have intentionally walked her in the sixth inning, but that’s what a fielding team should do.

Elsholtz said she didn’t intentionally go for the homers because she believes if she aspires to do it, then it’s not going to work.

“You never try to hit home runs,” Elsholtz said. “You just try to hit the ball solid, and if it happens, it happens.”

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