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Hanamann celebrates 100 years

Woman served in Marines during WWII

By Holly Neumann

Edna Hanamann, a resident of the Wisconsin Veteran’s home at King, celebrated her 100th birthday on June 28 with family and friends.

“There is no special secret to my long life,” she said. “I guess it was hard work and keeping busy all the time.

Born and raised in Alaska, Wisconsin, Hanamann, along with her husband of 65 years Floyd, raised two children on a farm.

Floyd agreed hard work played a part in his wife’s long life.

“When I came out of the service, we bought a farm on a shoestring,” he said. “We started out with 95 acres and ended up with 340. We worked hard, and she never complained.”

Edna, a World War II veteran, served 2 1/2 years in the United States Marines as a stenographer and secretary.

“When the ‘big stuff’ came and wanted a letter written, I would type it up for them,” she said. “I was in the operations office, where pilots would come and check in and out. I wanted to go to control tower school but they said no. Apparently, I had too many talents already.”

Edna also worked in the Luxemburg/Casco School District for 17 years, before retiring.

The biggest changes she saw through the years were in farm equipment and transportation.

“I drove horses when I was growing up,” she said. “The tractors are bigger, the machinery is bigger.”

Floyd said, “The cars have changed, and airplanes are bigger as well.”

Giving up typing around the age of 70, Edna has never used a computer.

She smiled as she shared her favorite memory as a child.

“I used to help my daddy, when he chiseled the logs,” she said. “I used to help him clean the barn, too. I was definitely a daddy’s girl.”

She is known at the veterans home for her card playing skills.

“I used to play bridge, but now I play sheepshead,” she said. “I’m not bad at the game. I only lose once in a while.”

Her advice to young people is “don’t smoke, don’t drink and take your education seriously. Always remember to work hard.”

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