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75 years and growing

Premier Community Bank celebrates anniversary

By Holly Neumann

Premier Community Bank has served area residents for 75 years.

“You only turn 75 once,” said Tom Pamperin, president and CEO. “We thought that this was a great opportunity for us to take a breath and celebrate.”

Premier Community Bank has several offices across Waupaca County, including one in Manawa.

“We acquired the Manawa office in 2012 and it went incredibly smooth,” said Pamperin. “It was a very good fit, one of the best decisions that we have ever made bringing them into the fold.”

According to Pamperin, it is important to have banks in small communities.

“Manawa is a town of about 1,300 people, give or take a few, where everyone knows everybody,” he said. “It has a solid city government, strong school system and a nice mix of larger and smaller businesses. You can buy some groceries, go out for a good meal and run into friends. We are proud to be a part of that.”

He said people feel at home in Manawa.

“When someone needs something, the community steps up,” he said. “There is a closeness in the communities we serve that is really hard to duplicate in larger ones. It’s consistent with our values.”

Pamperin believes, in addition to their board of directors and shareholders, that their employees play a huge part in their success.

“Our employees set us apart,” he said. “They are second to none for what we do as an organization. They tend to be people from the communities that they are working in and are deeply engaged in what we are doing as an organization.”

Branch Manager Rhonda Wilz adds that the bank is community minded.

“We are not a big bank where you are just a number,” said Wilz. “We give generously to the local charities and fundraising groups. Our customers are our neighbors, we enjoy the community and it shows.”

Premier Community Bank is also looking to the future.

“Our response to a vast and changing industry is being ready for any opportunity,” said Pamperin. “There are changes coming, we don’t know exactly what they look like right now, but we want to be prepared for the next opportunity that comes along. We try to anticipate what our customers need and want from us.”

Other Premier Community Bank offices in Waupaca County include Marion, Iola, King, Waupaca and Fremont.

“I would hope that people stay here because they enjoy and appreciate what we do,” said Pamperin. “We are shooting for perfection, knowing full well we will not achieve it. However, by striving for it, we will provide excellent service and make a difference in the communities that we serve.”

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