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Mayor wants ordinances enforced

Spierings sees homes that look ‘trashy’

By Angie Landsverk


As Mayor Jack Spierings drives throughout the city of Weyauwega, he notices areas of the community needing to be addressed.

He sees homes and lots, which he says are looking “trashy,” and weeds in need of being trimmed, including along the shoreline in Peterson Park.

“Some of it is our fault,” Spierings said in regard to the park.

The mayor believes the city’s Public Works Department should clean up the weeds and brush when it is the city’s responsibility.

In regard to properties which have such items as junk cars in their yards, Spierings said the city needs to start sending letters to those property owners.

The mayor made those comments during the Aug. 15 meeting of the Weyauwega Common Council.

City Administrator Patrick Wetzel said the Public Works Department has been working to clear out the brush by the boat landing and also said an aquatic friendly spray was used on the weeds.

When used, the spray makes weeds turn brown.

Wetzel said this type of effort is supposed to last a couple years.

He also expressed a concern about making sure the city knows what the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources allows in regard to the shoreline.

“We are taking a look at that,” Wetzel said.

He said the city follows up on complaints about properties.

During last week’s council meeting, the mayor also acknowledged the city’s police officers.

“We had a tragedy at the pool,” Spierings said, referring to an accidental drowning there.

He commended Sgt. Brandon Leschke for how he handled himself in the situation.

“I just want the public to know,” Spierings said, “that we have outstanding officers, and Brandon is one of them.”

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