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Johnson productive in U.S. Senate

Senator sponsored 627 pages of law

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson was named the Most Productive Senator in the 114th Congress on July 11, 2016 by the corporate efficiency firm Hloom.com.

Their remarks were that it would take 229 days for any member of Congress to read every word of a new bill, which is virtually impossible prior to voting on it. That less than 1 in 10 bills were signed by President Obama, and the current Congress has seen 9,505 Bills proposed this year; that’s 110,055 pages of legislation. It would take three years to read every piece of failed legislation by the average members.

Johnson’s productivity amounted to 627 pages of legislation that he sponsored and became law. The bills he acted on concerned reduced federal spending and federal taxation. He also pushed to bar the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating carbon emissions, and he worked to suspend the Affordable Care Act.

Most recently, Johnson pushed through Congress legislation to reform the Veterans Administration hospitals.

In contrast, when Russ Feingold was senator, he produced virtually nothing but the McCain/Feingold Bill concerning campaign financing, which has now proven to be a worthless piece of legislation.

After being beaten by Johnson, Feingold taught at Marquette University, followed by going to California to teach, and to raise money for his “comeback” in 2016.

So, it boils down to this: Johnson has earned his right to become re-elected, as evidenced by his being awarded the most productive U.S. Senator in the United States.

Be sure to vote for Johnson in November.

Ron Reynolds

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