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Class of 1941 holds reunion

Clintonville alumni meet each summer

By Bert Lehman

For the past 15 years or so, six members of the Clintonville High School Class of 1941 have met in Clintonville each summer.

“We’re like family,” said Iona (Speerbraker) Pasch. “It’s the only time we get to see everybody.”

Other members of the group include: Marjorie (Stieg) Miller of Seattle, Washington; Eugene Schulz of Milwaukee; Alice (Raisler) Stroesenreuther of Waupaca, Lois Winkel of Clintonville; and Arlyce (Rickert) Velte of Clintonville.

This year’s get-together took place on Wednesday, Aug. 17 at Velte’s residence in Clintonville.

They said there were originally 76 students in their class, and over the years the participation in class reunions declined.

They didn’t want that to stop them from planning their own mini-class reunion. The six said they exchange Christmas cards, and that they each look forward to their summer get-together.

Some of them shared some memories from the past.

Miller said the females in the group were referred to as the “farm girls.”

Schulz said he lived about a mile from school and called himself a farm boy and a city boy.

“Iona, she lived across the street almost, just a couple hundred yards and we played together,” Schulz said.

“My mother and father wouldn’t let us have caps for fireworks for the Fourth of July,” Pasch said. “But Eugene’s mother let him have them so he’d bring the caps to my house and we’d pound the devil out of them.”

Unfortunately this may be the last year they get together in person.

“It’s too hard to get everybody together,” Pasch said.

If that is indeed the case, they made sure they enjoyed their time together last week.

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