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Manawa updating vests, helmets

Council approves police fundraising

By Jane Myhra
The Manawa Common Council approved the police department’s request to raise funds for new tactical vests and helmets.

Officer Tom Grant provided information on the benefits of the updated items during the Manawa Common Council’s Sept. 19 meeting.

“What is nice is that you have everything with you when you grab it instead of grabbing multiple things when exiting the squad,” Grant said about the vest.

He noted the vest can carry a medical kit, plus extra rounds for pistols and rifles.

An update on the Sturm Foods (Tree House Foods) tax appeal proceedings was presented to the council by Mayor John Smith.

“Their assessment was raised and they have appealed,” Smith said. “We are still in litigation for their appeals from 2011.”

“All Industrial Lane parcels were put into one parcel in about 2016, so their attorney is trying to undo it,” he said.

Jerry Beyer asked the council to consider abandoning First Street, which extends from Howard Street. He said the closing on the sale of the property is at the end of September.

Smith explained that the street was never developed and would go nowhere except to the railroad tracks.

“There are several streets that are planned in the city and never developed,” Smith said.

City Clerk Cheryl Hass said the city property would be divided equally between the two adjacent land owners. She said the person requesting the abandonment needs to pay for the cost of abandoning, which includes public hearings and postings.

The board authorized Hass to gather information and get the process started.

In other business, the council set a public hearing on the 2017 proposed budget for 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 14.

The council approved two change orders and a first payment of $64,973 for the High Street project. The change orders were: $16,519 to pulverize existing asphalt, relay and pave Elm Street and to undercut the subbase in unstable areas of High Street; and, $11,658 to replace a sanitary lateral.

Halloween trick or treating hours were set for 5-7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 31.

Smith recognized Hass as a city employee for the past 40 years.

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