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Eleven Comets make all-conference teams

Neidert on first team as punter, kicker

By Greg Seubert

Waupaca High School has a long tradition of all-conference football players.

That continued this season, as 11 Comets have received all-conference recognition from the North Eastern Conference.

Five of them are on the first team, four made the second team and two received honorable mention.

First-teamers are seniors Hayden Neidert (unanimous selection at punter and kicker), Stephen Johnson (wide receiver) and Dylan Minton (defensive end); and juniors Jacob Landvatter (offensive lineman) and Mark Kilcoyne (inside linebacker).

Seniors Blake Orr (defensive end) and Brandon Anderson (defensive back) and juniors Zion Stewart (defensive lineman) and Brenden Canterbury (defensive back) made the second team, while seniors Jake Popham (wide receiver) and Spencer Sondrol (offensive lineman) are on the Honorable Mention team.

North Eastern Conference
2016 All-Conference Football Teams

First Team
Quarterback: Matthew McNabb*, senior, West De Pere.

Running back: Austin Beaumier*, junior, West De Pere; Kien Moorman, senior, Shawano; Riley Zirpel, sophomore, Menasha; Tyler Szews, senior, Menasha.

Tight end/fullback: Luke Romnek*, senior, Menasha.

Wide receiver: Dylan Sumnicht*, senior, Shawano; Stephen Johnson, senior, Waupaca; Parker Fermanich, junior, New London.

Lineman: Mohammed Elazazy*, senior, Menasha; Reece Mullen*, senior, Menasha; Jacob White, senior, West De Pere; Dakota Maltbey, junior, Shawano.

Kicker: Hayden Neidert*, senior, Waupaca.

Flex player: Daniel Hanauer, senior, Shawano.

Lineman: Will Rydzewski*, senior, Seymour; Ryan Peterson, senior, Seymour; Mitch Pisinger, junior, Xavier.

End: Jake Karshinski*, sophomore, West De Pere; Dylan Minton, senior, Waupaca.

Inside linebacker: Kolbe Starkey*, senior, Menasha; Bryce VerVoort*, senior, Seymour; Mark Kilcoyne, junior, Waupaca.

Outside linebacker: Josh Berman*, junior, Menasha; Jake Roskom, senior, Seymour.

Back: Adam Drees*, senior, Xavier; Trent Ingalls*, junior, Menasha; Matthew McNabb, senior, West De Pere; Nik Yaeger, senior, Seymour.

Punter: Hayden Neidert*, senior, Waupaca.

Second Team
Quarterback: Hunter Plamann, junior, Xavier.

Running back: Adam Drees, senior, Xavier; Jamison Sassman, junior, Seymour.

Tight end/fullback: Remington Steele, senior, New London.

Wide receiver: Sam Ferris, junior, Xavier; Lasia Moua, junior, Menasha; Connor Klish, senior, Shawano.

Lineman: Connor Quick, senior, Menasha; Trent Wilson, junior, Xavier; Zach Cambray senior, West De Pere; Alex Girard, senior, Seymour; Quincy Beech, senior, Green Bay West.

Kicker: Joao Catao, senior, West De Pere.

Lineman: Alex Yang, senior, Menasha; Zion Stewart, junior, Waupaca; Sam Marshalek, junior, West De Pere.

End: Blake Orr, senior, Waupaca; James Daanen, junior, West De Pere.

Inside linebacker: Noah LeNoble, senior, Xavier; Jordan Duwe, senior, Menasha; John Rydzewski, junior, Seymour.

Outside linebacker: Keenan Graef, senior, West De Pere; Daniel Bendel, senior, Xavier.

Back: Brenden Canterbury, junior, Waupaca; Dalton Knaack, senior, Menasha; Brayden Kurth, junior, New London; Brandon Anderson, senior, Waupaca.

Punter: Taylor Besaw, senior, Seymour.

Honorable Mention
Quarterback: Alex Zeinert, junior, Menasha.

Tight end/fullback: Kobe Batchelor, junior, Menasha.

Wide receiver: Jake Popham, senior, Waupaca.

Lineman: Spencer Sondrol, senior, Waupaca; Brady Donovan, junior, Xavier; Logan Goin, senior, Green Bay East; Casey Baumann, junior, Shawano; Kordell Grade, senior, Menasha; Francisco Zavala, senior, Menasha; John Shoemaker, senior, West De Pere.

Lineman: Christian Fehrman, senior, Menasha.

End: Anthony King, senior, Green Bay West; Jack Teerlinck, senior, Xavier.

Inside linebacker: Collin Koltz, senior, Green Bay East; Tyler VanDeHei, sophomore, Seymour.

Outside linebacker: Seth Sousek, junior, Shawano; Devon Reffke, junior, Menasha; Richard Johnson, senior, Shawano.

Back: Parker Fermanich, junior, New London; Nick Sanok, senior, Green Bay East; Crede Timm, sophomore, Shawano; Josh Krause, junior, Seymour; Hunter Folkman, senior, West De Pere; James Mohnen-Carte, senior, Menasha.

Offensive players of the year: Matthew McNabb, senior, West De Pere; Mohammed Elazazy, senior, Menasha, and Reece Mullen, senior, Menasha (lineman); Dylan Sumnicht, senior, Shawano (wide receiver); Matthew McNabb, senior, West De Pere (running back).

Defensive players of the year: Trent Ingalls, junior, Menasha; Will Rydzewski, senior, Seymour (lineman); Kolbe Starkey, senior, Menasha (linebacker); Trent Ingalls, junior, Menasha (defensive back).

* – Denotes unanimous selection.

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