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Vets home considers city water

State conducting feasibility study

By Angie Landsverk

The state of Wisconsin is studying whether it is feasible for the city of Waupaca to provide water to the Wisconsin Veterans Home in King.

The Waupaca Common Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the Wisconsin Department of Administration-Division of Facilities Development and the city on Nov. 1.

The Memorandum of Understanding does not commit the state or the city to anything.

The state’s feasibility study is considering economic, social and water quality impacts.

Justin Berrens, Waupaca’s director of public works, told the council the state began its study about a year ago.

The veterans home currently has two wells on site, he said.

Since the state needs to collect water samples, it needs the city’s assistance.

Tests are to take place at wells, the water tower, the booster transfer station (from the low pressure to high pressure zone) and possibly at two or three locations that are within the high pressure system.

The presumption is the veterans home would connect within that high pressure system.

Berrens said the state hired a consultant, and the city will provide historical data and water samples.

The state is paying for the feasibility study, Mayor Brian Smith said.

“The vets home wants to make sure that if it connects, there are no issues,” Berrens said. “It’s a good study, but there are some risks.”

He said, “If we find something that is not good, ethically, we have to alert the public.”

Berrens noted there is also the potential the study could result in the veterans home hooking up to the city’s water.

City Attorney John Hart reviewed the Memorandum of Understanding, the mayor said.

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