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Green Fountain Inn certified ‘green’

Travel Green Wisconsin recognizes Waupaca B&B

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism welcomed the Green Fountain Inn as a certified member of its Travel Green Wisconsin program.

The inn earned the certification by implementing sustainable composting and gardening, limiting landscape watering, recycling furniture, dishware and décor, having energy efficient lighting and appliances and refurbishing and restoring existing buildings and garden statuary, which aids in minimizing the environmental footprint.

Wisconsin has a tradition of conservation, and Travel Green Wisconsin is an opportunity for businesses to further distinguish themselves for their sustainable practices.

“We applaud their commitment to making sustainability a priority to their business knowing the importance of doing our part now preserves our natural resources and treasures for future generations,” said Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett.
Small practices can have a big impact.

In a study done in 2013, Travel Green Wisconsin businesses that installed low flow fixtures, such as toilets, showerheads and faucets, reduced their annual water use by almost 37 million gallons.

When stacked end-to-end, that is enough water bottles to circle the earth over one and a half times.

Additionally, the study found that by switching to energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs, Travel Green Wisconsin businesses reduced their lighting-related electricity usage by 75 percent, saving an estimated $3 million each year.

Travel Green Wisconsin was the first of its kind in the nation and serves as a model to promote environmentally-friendly practices in the tourism industry.

The program is unique for its inclusion of all tourism-related businesses and organizations, including but not limited to attractions, events, accommodations, outfitters, restaurants, retail, visitor centers and more.

Tourism businesses interested in learning more about becoming certified may contact Heidi Roekle at [email protected] or 608-261-6272.

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