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Tattoo parlor finds new home

Clintonville business relocates after fire

By Erik Buchinger

An October fire in the upper apartments above Main Street Tattoos forced the business to relocate.

Once Main Street Tattoos owner Jodi Maas saw the damage, she knew she had to find a new spot and do so quickly.

“It was more water and smoke damage,” Maas said. “I didn’t lose anything except office supply stuff. I couldn’t be out of business, so it was easier for me to relocate.”

Main Street Tattoos was closed for nine days, and Maas said the building needed to be inspected prior to opening for business.

“With a lot of hard work from a lot of hardworking people, we were able to move in and be inspected,” Maas said. “It worked out that it was my yearly expected time. They came in and expected, and I’m glad it went a lot quicker than expected.”

Maas said she is happy with the new place at 49 S. Main Street.

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