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Street closure proposed

Store to expand diesel fuel island

By Jane Myhra

A request to close a portion of Inn Street was presented to the Manawa Common Council at its Feb. 20 meeting.

The official request asked for the city of Manawa to vacate the portion of Inn Street from the west border of the Solarus property to South Bridge Street.

“Both ends of this portion of Inn Street would remain open for through traffic,” the request letter stated.

Team Schierl Companies presented proposed plans for an additional diesel fuel island to be located next to Inn Street. CLICK TO ENLARGE

The proposal was presented by Jerry Wiessinger, of Team Schierl Companies, which operates The Store located at 430 S. Bridge St., Manawa.

Inn Street separates the convenience store/service station from Team Schierl’s parking lot at 414 S. Bridge Street.

“We would like to expand the diesel fuel island at The Store to better serve the customers with school buses and commercial vehicles,” Wiessinger told the council. “Currently, it is very difficult for these vehicles to access the diesel fuel pump. There is not enough space on the existing property to add another diesel fuel island to the north without being in the current street.”

Team Schierl provided a site plan for the proposed additional diesel fuel island. Also included was a letter from Solarus (formerly Manawa Telephone Company) to not oppose the action, as long as they retain easement for a fiber optic line.

Mayor John Smith asked why the request only included a portion of Inn Street. Wiessinger said the other end of the street is used by Solarus to access portions of its property.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation agreed to allow Team Schierl to retain its current access from South Bridge Street.

Wiessinger said he has been working with the city’s Department of Public Works to locate underground lines.

“We are aware of a water service line and a gas line under this portion of Inn Street that would require easements,” he said. “There is also an abandoned storm sewer line under the south edge of the street that would not interfere with our proposed addition.”

Dennis Steigenberger, of Cedar Corporation, suggested the water line be televised.

“There is no manhole on the line, so we don’t know where it ends,” he said.

Steigenberger said a 1975 master map of the city’s storm sewer showed the line running from Mill Street to the highway. Wiessinger noted any proposed construction would not interfere with an underground sewer line.

The council agreed to present the request to vacate a portion of Inn Street to committee.

Bringing the proposal to the council is the first step in the process, according to Wiessinger. The proposal also needs to follow the required steps as outlined in State statute 66.1003 for abandoning a public right-of-way. These steps include holding a public hearing and having the approval of adjoining property owners.

Advisory consultant
Steigenberger discussed setting up an advisory consultant contract between Cedar Corporation and the city of Manawa.

“In the first contract, I would recommend updating the city’s master maps,” Steigenberger said. “This should be done every three years.”

He will draft a proposed contract to be reviewed by the Improvements and Services Committee before being presented to the council.

In other business, the council approved the purchase of a street sweeper and putting the current one up for public bids. The council also approved the Manawa Police Department to move forward with the sale of the Edge car and the purchasing of new squad cars.

The council agreed to promote police officer Clint Schroeder from part time to full time and to hire Adam Labrosse and Shannon Wesoloski as part-time officers.

The council approved updating the Lindsay Park contract with the Manawa School District to include the school district paying $75 for three keys and to keep the city updated on who has possession of the keys.

Blair Olsen was appointed to the library board to replace Debby Nolan.

The council approved a request by Kolbe employees to place a bench, tree and other items at Triangle Park in memory of Nolan.

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