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DOT explains project

State 22 to be closed in Clintonville

By Erik Buchinger


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation held a construction informational meeting at the Clintonville Community Center Thursday, March 2.

The discussion was regarding the planned construction project at State Highway 22 from 13th Street through the intersection of State Highway 156 in the city of Clintonville.

The planned improvements in the project include:

• Pavement replacement

• New sanitary and water systems under State 22

• New storm sewer

• New sidewalk and curb ramps that meet current Americans with Disabilities Act requirements

• New street lighting

• Reconstruction of the State 22/156 intersection

• New landscaping along State 22

Project Development Engineer Korey Boehm said he will likely be at the project site from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. from Monday through Friday. He said an easy way to get answers to questions is to check it out online.

“To help get the word out of what’s going on over the next few weeks in our upcoming schedule, we update this weekly based on how progress has been going,” Boehm said. “It’s probably the easiest and quickest ways to get updates, but if something is answered on the website, contact me.”

The website http://projects.511wi.gov/wis22/full-project-overview/ will include a schedule and traffic impacts, a map, detour map and residents are able to sign up for weekly email updates throughout the project.

The project could start as early as March 13, so motorists can expect to encounter single lane closures and flagging operations along Highway 22 from mid-March until late March because crews will be removing trees.

From late March to late October, State 22 will be closed to through traffic between 13th Street and State 156. Through traffic will be detoured via Seventh Street, North Lyon Street, East 12th Street, SSGT Warren Hansen Drive and Highway 156.

From approximately June 19 until mid-August, the intersection of Highway 22, 156 and Green Tree Road will be closed to allow the contractors to complete the reconstruction of the intersection. Traffic will be detoured via Seventh Street, North Lyon Street, East 12th Street, SSGT Warren Hansen Drive, State 156, Industrial Avenue and Autumn Street.

Access to adjacent properties will be maintained, but it may be necessary to temporarily limit access to driveways or intersections for short periods of time. The contractor will be required to give advance warning to property owners and the traveling public prior to closures.

Residents will be required to coordinate the removal of mailboxes and relocate it during construction if the mailbox conflicts with construction activities.

Boehm said there will be business meetings and residential meetings every other week once the project begins sometime around 1 p.m.

“We’ll also send out a mailing for people who are going to be affected or we’ll put a letter in your mailbox indicating that say 10 days from now, contractors are going to be working in this area, so remove your mailbox,” Boehm said.

Residents will also be asked that if their garbage is picked up at a location within the construction zone, place the garbage near the road as close to the garbage pickup time and location as possible. If the garbage has been removed and the empty garbage can is in conflict with construction activities, it may be placed back near the right of way line.

Residents may see a brief period without water, approximately 15 or 30 minutes.

Clintonville’s Water and Wastewater Manager Dave Tichinel said residents are usually made aware of the lack of water prior.

“When we’re doing a block where people are going to be out of water, it’s pretty good where people walk the block and give people a 24-hour notice that they’d be out of water that day for a short term,” Tichinel said. “You will get a notice each time.”

For more questions, contact Mark Steidl at 715-421-8043 or [email protected]. Once construction begins, on-site project leader Boehm can be reached at 715-459-2943.

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