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Council member resigns

Two part-time officers sworn in

By Ben Rodgers

Citing a lack of available free time Jake Timm resigned from the Manawa Common Council at Monday’s monthly meeting.

“Despite being reelected I’m going to respectfully decline election to the city council,” Timm said.

He had served one full term before he was reelected.

“To be fair to the rest of the council I would respectfully step aside to allow someone who has interest and the amount of time necessary to dedicate to the position,” he said.

Timm cited a recommendation from the Finance and Personnel Committee earlier in the meeting that would allow a council member to miss one meeting a year and still get paid, not counting committee meetings. The recommendation passed unanimously.

The Common Council also approved other business from the Finance and Personnel Committee at Monday’s meeting.

Approved was a motion to allow for quotes from contractors to raze buildings in Manawa, as well meeting with the city attorney on the matter.

The council also approved the purchase of new doors at a cost of $20,613, as well as the addition of one smart phone, one flip phone and a radio upgrade for the Department of Public Works.

Public Works employees will also receive five T-shirts each, proper safety vests and photo IDs.

All of the above motions passed unanimously.

The Common Council also learned of planning for a Christmas celebration in Manawa, even though it’s currently at the concept stage.

“We realized Manawa does not have any large festivity over Christmas,” said Jamie Lane, owner of the Winemaker’s Daughter, and Manawa Area Chamber of Commerce member. “We do have the Christmas craft sale in town, but nothing like a parade or large group event. So we started brainstorming and we came up with Miracle on Bridge Street.”

The Dec. 9 event could include a wide variety of Christmas activities and involve numerous businesses in Manawa.

“We’re going to try to get as many businesses involved so we can start getting a flyer out,” Lane said. “We would like to start advertising this at the June Grilled Cheese Throwdown.”

Another group with the intention of promoting the Manawa area was also represented at the meeting.

Joe Starr from the Manawa Revitalization Committee discussed the closing of county roads during the Manawa Car Shows in July.

“If we’re going to make this thing really happen well for the community we got to get it downtown where the community really is,” Starr said.

For four Fridays in July Starr would like to close County Trunk N, Union Street from Mill Street down to South Bridge Street or State Highway 22.

“We’re trying to do things to make it better for the community,” he said. “That’s our only goal for this whole thing is to make the community better.”

While the Manawa Car Show will showcase vehicles, the council learned that the Manawa Police Department is currently two vehicles down.

According to Manawa Police Chief Jim Gorman, the department’s Ford has a transmission that is slipping and the department’s Dodge Charger already has engine problems with only 45,000 miles.

The Charger however is still under warranty.

In the meantime the department is using a vehicle provided by Waupaca County. New London has also offered a vehicle if the department needs one.

The department’s new Ford Explorer will arrive at the end of May, which will be followed shortly by a new Ford Expedition.

Finally the Manawa Police Department also gained two part-time officers who were formally sworn in at Monday’s meeting, Adam Labrosse and Shannon Wesoloski.

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