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Town may join municipal court

Little Wolf would contract with Manawa police

By Ben Rodgers

The town of Little Wolf will take the next steps to join a municipal court in order to help with a problem road.

The move stems from County Yard Road, which straddles the boundaries of Little Wolf and Manawa.

The road has a weight limit of six tons, but the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office will not write any tickets for weight restriction violations, as it is a town ordinance, said Jackie Beyer, Little Wolf clerk, at the June monthly meeting.

“So there is a municipal court for this area, so we would join that one,” Beyer said. “It would require yearly expenses. They are divided by six municipalities, possibly seven with us joining. So it does require passing of ordinances and getting an agreement with the court that’s in place.”

Little Wolf would join Manawa, Iola, Marion and Clintonville in Northern Waupaca County Joint Municipal Court.

Beyer is unsure of the cost to the town at this time, but by working through the process she said she will eventually discover it.

Moreover, the town would stand to make some money back from any tickets issued, Beyer said. Currently when the county issues a ticket in the town of Little Wolf that money goes to the county and not the town.

“If the county writes the ticket and prosecutes it we would get zero,” she said. “We have to move in and join this so we can keep the road safe.”

Once Little Wolf joins the court the town would contract for police services through the Manawa Police Department.

At a previous meeting between Manawa and Little Wolf officials, the city seemed to be on board with the idea of contracting out police services.

The board also accepted a bid from Fahrner Asphalt Sealers for $27,608 to have road crack sealed and flex patched.

Those roads include: Storm Lake Road – White Clover to State Highway 110, Oak Road – State Highway 22 to County Trunk BB, Little Creek Road – County Trunk O to town limits, Knopp Road – County O east to the end, Doud Road – County Trunk B to Schultz Road, Schultz Road – Doud Road to end, and Heinke Road – County B to town limits.
The bid from Fahrner was the only one received.

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