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Four charged with forgery

A woman allegedly used fake checks to get cash and meth.

Lorrenda A. Fritz, 49, Clintonville, is charged with two counts of forgery uttering, three counts of forgery as party to a crime, obstructing an officer and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Also charged with forgery uttering in this fraudulent check scheme were Dustin L, Bohringer, 28, Waupaca; Ronald K. Knapstein, 24, Scandinavia; and Stephanie A. Pingel, 26, Waupaca.

On Aug. 23-24, Sandbur Corners in Ogdensburg received two bad checks from an account in the name of “Custom Candles” for a total amount of $235.

The bank returned the checks, indicating they were from a closed account.

According to the criminal complaint, Bohringer received a $198 check on Nov. 5 and a $186 check oh Nov. 8.

On Nov. 17, Pingel received a $200 check and Knapstein received a $196 check, the complaint says.

On Nov. 27, Waupaca County Sheriff’s Deputy Nate Nelson spoke with Fritz’s ex-boyfriend who reportedly said that Fritz used bank account information and a computer printer to make the checks.

He told Nelson that Fritz wrote out the checks and gave them to friends who cashed them, kept part of the cash and dropped off Fritz’s portion in either cash or meth.

The ex-boyfriend estimated Fritz made several thousand dollars from the fraudulent checks.

Nelson called Fritz on Nov. 27 and said she needed to speak with him at the Waupaca County sheriff’s office. Fritz said she was living in Fond du Lac and could get a ride to Waupaca on Dec. 3, the complaint says.

On Dec. 1, Nelson spoke with Bohringer, who reportedly admitted his role in cashing the fraudulent checks.

Bohringer also told Nelson that Fritz was actually living in the Clintonville Motel.

On Dec. 1, Nelson and Deputy Dave Huberty went to the hotel and found Fritz.

Fritz had a folder with fake checks that matched the ones for “Custom Candles” that were in circulation, the complaint says.

Fritz also had business documents for “Custom Candles.” She told Nelson she started the business 11 years ago, but had not sold anything for about 10 years.

She said she felt the urge earlier this year to restart her business and used her old bank account information to make the checks.

On Nov. 29, 2016, Fritz was sentenced to nine months in jail after Judge Philip Kirk revoked her probation for a June 2014 conviction for credit card fraud.

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