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School board to evaluate Dyb

Process explained at meeting

By Erik Buchinger

The Clintonville School Board introduced a superintendent evaluation process for first-year Superintendent David Dyb during its meeting on Monday, Feb. 12.

School Board Treasurer Kris Strauman presented some of the information, noting that it is just a draft and she is open to making changes.

“On the first page of the superintendent evaluation process, each board member should fill out this form,” Strauman said. “We are using a rubric for all the different Wisconsin standards that a superintendent needs to meet.”

After each board member completes the form, the board will meet together and compile their thoughts.

“We will need to provide written commentary feedback and recommendations for improvement or keep things the same for the superintendent,” Strauman said. “We have to allow a meeting time for us to discuss with the superintendent and have the superintendent bring in artifacts, which is proof of meeting some of these standards.”

Strauman said the evaluation will include Dyb completing a self-reflection form, which he would share with the board.

“I’ve taken all of the state’s standards and created a rubric for each one of these standards,” Strauman said.

Strauman reiterated that changes can be made to the evaluation whenever necessary.

“I want to caution everybody this is a working document,” Strauman said. “By that, I mean changes and revisions can be made to this as our district goals and needs change. A superintendent evaluation should be an ongoing process.”

Strauman said the beginning of the evaluation cycle should start in July.

“In October, we will meet with David, update the board on the goals, the expectations of us, the indicators, the district’s goals, take a look at artifacts and we’ll give feedback,” Strauman said.

Strauman said there would be another meeting during the mid-cycle in January, which will include the same discussion, in addition to conducting a staff survey.

“This is strictly confidential,” Strauman said. “We will not know who on the staff is filling each of those out. Then, we discuss the progress growth and any adjustments we need to make with the goals, and we should wind this whole thing in April and get ready to start the process all over again.”

Strauman concluded her presentation by asking for suggestions to the evaluation process for the next school board meeting.

“It’s a lot to digest right now,” Strauman said to the board. “Please read it over for the next meeting. We can tweak it, but we need to get going on this. In the meantime, if I have your blessing, I’d like to get these out to the staff.”

The board agreed to send out superintendent evaluation surveys to the staff and thanked Strauman for her work on this project.

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