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Drugs stolen from vets home

A nurse is accused of stealing pain medications from the Wisconsin Veterans Home (WVH) in King.

Alicia R. Krisher-Behm, 41, Ogdensburg, is charged with obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, felony theft, illegal possession of prescription drugs and possession of a controlled substance.

On Jan. 19, Waupaca County Sheriff’s Deputy Bryan Strobusch spoke with staff at Stordock Hall at WVH.

They suspected that Krisher-Behm was diverting medication from the facility.

A WVH employee since March 2017, Krisher-Behm had worked an overnight shift from Thursday to early Friday, Jan. 18-19.

Other nurses had discovered records indicating that a patient received two additional, unscheduled and maximum doses of oxycodone at 1 a.m. and 5:40 a.m. Friday. The medication was for shoulder pain.

When a nurse questioned the patient, he said he was not in pain and had not experienced much pain for several days.

The patient was also awake and alert, which he would not have been after receiving a maximum dose of oxycodone.

According to the criminal complaint, medical records showed Krisher-Behm dropped a 10 mg dose of oxycodone and disposed of it on Dec. 23. However, she violated policy by not having a another nurse observe and document the medicine’s destruction.

On Sunday, Dec. 24, she reported spilling a dose of morphine, then signed in for a second dose, but there was no second set of initials on the record.

On Jan. 11, Krisher-Behm recorded giving a patient a 0.75 ml dose of morphine but documents indicated that she withdrew 1.75 ml of morphine, the complaint says.

She then determined that the patient needed another 0.75 ml dose of morphine, but allegedly withdrew 1.2 ml.

On Jan. 16, Krisher-Behm helped transfer a patient to WVH from the Manawa Community Nursing Center, where she is also employed.

Krisher-Behm allegedly brought a tote bag from Manawa that had two pill containers with a total of 66 15 mg oxycodone tablets.

Investigators say that she was giving two doses per day to patients that other nurses gave only one dose.

At 10:44 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 21, Waupaca County deputies and members of the Central Wisconsin Drug Task Force executed a search warrant at Krisher-Behm’s home in Ogdensburg.

Officers reported finding a bottle of oxycodone that was prescribed to the patient from Manawa, anxiety pills and sedatives, and furosemide, a diuretic that can be used to circumvent urine drug tests.

Strobusch also found prescription label taped to a piece of yellow paper with a four-digit code.

He learned that the code was from the Manawa patient’s Social Security number and that somebody used the information to try to refill an oxycodone prescription.

Krisher-Behm made her initial court appearance on Tuesday, Feb. 20, and was released on a $10,000 signature bond.

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